Second Suicide

by The Stubs

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released April 10, 2013



all rights reserved


The Stubs Warszawa, Poland

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Track Name: Nation Of Losers
i wanna live where the grass is green
but no, baby, we're living here
where we are all useless
nation of losers
i wanna go out and spread some love
but there's something about all poles
we feel whole lot of tension
as a christ of the nations
they set the record in jonestown
but all together we'll beat it down
where we're all useless
nation of loosers
go home
to jonestown
Track Name: Love Her
oh when my friend's got a fucked up girl
i don't mind but when we're crossing our paths
i would like to shoot her down
and he's bringin' his date
and she is tellin' stories
that i just can't stand
and the guy went totally nuts about that broad
and he is acting like an ass and callin' it love
dude give me a break
you just can't be serious
about that evil girl
Track Name: Busted
late night city lights, having fun
blind drunk high and far from done
pen made tattoos in some filthy bar
chessboard walls are messing with my mind
last time i saw you, you were choking me to death
there's a thin line between love and hate
you're busted as well
we're headin' home, girl
you're going to hell
with me
your place is on the way to mine
well, i'm the worst liar alive
it took my woman a day and a half
to realize
Track Name: Timmy
my father was such a hard workin' man
and i am such a loser
and that's such a shame for him
well, sorry daddy, sorry that
maybe i'm just another kind
my wife is gonna probably be a
judge in the court
and i am such a low life
i'm dumb and poor
well, sorry baby but
maybe you should've thought about it
before gave a birth to my child
the people in the bus
they are staring at me again
and i'm just a boy with some stupid name
my apologies to all of you
i'm just gonna leave on the next bus stop
Track Name: Night 35
I have opened my eyes
in the line N35 bus
but if i would wake up on an airplane
it would feel the same
Track Name: Ton Of Dung
one dumb girl once forgot
to buy batteries to chairman's clock
clock didn't ring and chairman did not wake up
meanwhile, second world, twenty peeps
lost their jobs and land up on the street
i dont want to be down there
when they gonna fart on the top of the iceberg
they are warming in the sun
we are drowning under a ton of dung
Track Name: Elba State Of Mind
there was a place where some of us have grown up
and some others don't care about
there was a place where we used to hang around
and those bastards tore this place down
why oh why
Track Name: Second Suicide
i sold myself to corporation
now i live the groundhog day
i'm gonna go to subway station
i'm gonna jump under the train
but i feel alright
green light for suicide
well i tried once to rob the bank
but the god damn bank robbed me
feel a warm breath on my back
for another thirty years
Track Name: Hollywood
i'm gonna make it big in hollywood
i'm gonna get rich and live good
i'm gonna sniff tons of cocaine
i'm gonna do everything for fame
tell me who i need to screw
to make it big in hollywood
gonna buy a house in beverly hills
gonna whipe my ass with dollar bills
i'm gonna sniff tons of cocaine
i'm gonna do everything for fame
Track Name: Fat Lucy
oh big fat lucy
tough life she's got
kids are laughing
that she's fat
and she's well known
to every kid
and there's no secret
she's dumb as shit
oh lucy don't be shy
act like you did before
if you're so hungry
eat some more
oh big fat lucy
tough life she's got
even on a diet
she eats too much
you're what you eat girl
you're heavy weight
be careful, one day
you'll eat yourself
Track Name: Monogamy Blues
i'm in love with you girl
and in your friend as well
and the way you look
is just unfair
you and friend
look just sweet
but i'm afraid that
not for me
i'm just staring at
legs and shoulders
i should leavin' home
there will be no more
flowers and letters
there just gonna last
slippers and sweaters
Track Name: Rudy's Blue Boogie
Rudy's latest girl was kinda hot
but she is a mean and shabby evil slut
they both came from backwoods
straight to warsaw down town
talkin'bout love, while Rudy's goin' down
girl gone crazy, revel, sniffin' coke
Rudy may be grumbler but there ain't no joke
have marcy baby
'cause Rudy is losing his mind
talkin'bout love, while Rudy's goin' down